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Need a way to find out all the happenings and news with your Detroit Shriners? The official publication of our group, the Detroit Shriners Magazine is the BEST way to find out! The Detroit Shriners magazine is your information center with recent photos, appointments, activities and upcoming events covered in every issue. We are committed to supporting our members along with the clubs and units, so every issue has a new feature bringing you up to date on the activity and community service our members are involved in at any time. Another great feature of our magazine, is our advertising options. Do you want to let your fellow peers and members know what products and services you are currently offering? Then the Detroit Shriners Magazine can help you reach them. We offer our members special low-cost options and we will even help you create your ad if you don’t currently have one to use. We not only print and distribute via USPS, every issue of the Detroit Shriner Magazine is available as a digital version on our website. Double the exposure for your business by doing business with us! The Detroit Shriners Magazine has been a mainstay of our Temple since February 1943 and was initially named “Moslem Temple Memo”. That “memo” has grown into a 20-page glossy magazine and our distribution reaches 2,155 individuals. If you aren’t already receiving one, let us know and we will make sure you are added to the list.


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Veteran's Day Special Issue (Online Only)

December 2018


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