Lancers Unit

We are affectionately know as “Those crazy guys who drive those little cars”. Our Motto is, “We ride so children can walk”. The Lancers are a motorized unit that drives miniature 1998 Plymouth Prowlers. Our Unit was chartered in 1967 with thirty-two members. Our name was taken from other Shrine Temple Units that already had mini cars. Our first car was a go-kart with a Mustang body. The Oldsmobile Corporation of General Motors furnished our next car body. In 1977, Ruthman Company made us twelve electric car chassis, which were converted to gasoline two years later. In 1998, the Unit changed to our current sporty Plymouth Prowler. Age is not a factor in our Unit. We have Lancers in their late 70’s and early 80’s, which are still very active within the Unit. Lancer size and is not a factor either. Our cars can handle Lancers over 300 plus pounds and we have members that large to prove it.    Visit our Facebook page.

Membership in the Lancers Shrine Unit is available to any member of Moslem Shrine Temple that is in good standing. New members have one year to purchase a car. Under special circumstances we do allow persons to join and not have a car. Please call the Director for more information. For persons not having a car or have other circumstances we have a souped up golf cart (Known as the Leaping Lizard) that we use in parades to allow for participation.

Our application fee for joining the Lancers is $100 which includes that year’s dues. Our annual dues are $15.00. Pre-owned cars cost around $1,500 (Payment plans available) and have all the modifications required by our Unit and are parade ready.

Probationary Period
There is a one-year probationary period. A probationary member is entitled to attend meeting, participate in all Lancer functions (including parading); can wear the word Lancer on his Fees, car or any other property pertaining to the Lancers. A Probationary member is not entitled to vote until he receives his full status as a Lancer. The probationary period will count towards fifteen (15) year veteran requirement.

We meet on the first Monday of the month at 7:00 PM at the Shrine Center in the Lancer Room #105. We provide an open bar for Camel’s milk (Adult beverages for our members only) and soft drinks. After meetings, we have food provided free of charge by the Lancers Unit to round out the evening.

Our unit has numerous activities throughout the year. The Lancers participate in every Moslem Shrine parade plus many more and the crowds love us. Kids of all ages at all events come and have their picture taken in our cars. There is so much more that we do, but space does not allow us to list them all.

How to Join
Anyone interested in joining our Unit should come to one of our meetings, contact any Lancer Unit member for more information.  You may also contact Reception at the Shrine office for more information. Call 248-569-2900 or email