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The Director’s Staff was founded in 1906 by a group of Nobles from the Patrol, who at that time put on the Ceremonial Second Section for Detroit Temple. We were then called the “Stunt Corps” and later renamed the “Director’s Staff.” Since that time, our Unit’s primary function has been to conduct safe, enjoyable and memorable Second Sections for the Spring and Fall Shrine Ceremonials.

We are a very active unit whose members regularly participate in the many Moslem Shrine social activities and leadership responsibilities. We are not a designated parade unit, but do ask our probationary members to carry the Moslem banner in selected Shrine parades. We typically have about eighty to ninety members, including those considered active, veteran and life.

Membership in the Director’s Staff is available to any member in good standing of Moslem Temple. Your application must be approved by the Unit Director and his standing Board. You will be considered active after paying your initiation fee.

Approximate Cost
We have a one-time $425 initiation fee to join our unit, which includes your uniforms and fez. Annual dues are $25 for active members. There are no meeting attendance fees.

Probationary Period
Probation is typically one year in duration. It can be extended in unusual circumstances, like failing to attend a minimum number of Ceremonials, staff meetings, and/or parades. After you are off probation, no attendance minimums apply to our activities.

Our weekly meetings are held on Monday’s in our unit room at the Southfield Shrine Center, officially starting at 7:00 PM. They are held from late January thru the week following the Spring Ceremonial, which is usually in May and again from late September thru the week following the Fall Ceremonial, which is usually held in November. We are dark during the other time periods except for social activities.

Since our mission is to conduct the Ceremonial Second Section, most of our activities center on stunt planning and development. During the year we also have various couples and stag social events. We are active participants in the activities of the international Shrine Directors Association (SDA).

How to Join
Anyone interested may come to one of our meetings; contact any Director’s Staff member. Or contact Reception at the Shrine office for more information. Call 248-569-2900 or email