Motor City Shiners

The Motor City Shiners (MCS) is Moslem Shrines newest Club being chartered in 2015. The purpose of the Motor City Shiners is to provide a venue that will allow members to explore their hobby of home brewing through the promotion and education of brewing beer / wine making / distilling / and other related activities and to increase the awareness of the quality and variety of homemade beverages (either non-alcoholic or alcoholic) such as, but limited to: Beer, Wine, Liquor, Cider, or Mead. Visit our Website

Full Membership in the MCS is available to any member of Moslem Temple that is in good standing. Associate Membership is available to any Shriner that is outside the jurisdiction of Moslem that is in good standing with their Temple. Guest Membership may be extended to those that meet the necessary requirements under Shrine Law. You must be 21 or older to join and agree to follow the bylaws of the Club.

The initiation fee is $20.00, which includes the first year’s dues. The annual dues are $20.00.

Probationary Period
There is no probationary period.

Our Club meets at various location and times and will be emailed out to the members of the Club.

During the year we have numerous activities that promote home brewing – there are tours of local brewers, wine makers, tastings, etc. and classes that will help you start your own if you are interested

How to Join

You may also contact Reception at the Shrine office for more information. Call 248-569-2900 or email

Not already making your own? NO PROBLEM – we are beginning to set up tours at local establishments to not only better understand the process of home brewing, but to sample their products as well….. Don’t have your own equipment? NO PROBLEM – we will point you in the right direction. Not interested in making your own? NO PROBLEM – we are happy to have members or guests that simply like to sample.