Past Potentates

“My grandfather and uncle took me to my first Shrine Circus when I was very young. It was there that I saw my first fez and I was mesmerized by it. Years later I was looking at the possibility of becoming a Shriner and my decision was solidified when I met Larry Ode, the potentate at the time. I observed him in action: he was a business owner, on reserve with the county sheriff’s department, very involved in charity, made his family a priority and was the potentate two times. He was a worldly guy who always had a smile and a warm handshake, I was very impressed by him and I knew I wanted to be on that same track.

He’s my mentor. We are on the Shrine Golf League so if I have questions, I make sure I golf with him on the same day. I continue to have a lot of respect for Larry and what he’s acomplished as a potentate.”

Arthur J. Brdak
Potentate 2017