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The Detroit Shriners 23 regional affiliations with other Shrine Groups and Masons within the Midwest and Canada brings our message broader and stronger as a result. These affiliations and partnerships bring a broader sense of brotherhood and fraternity though combined interests and talents. The basis of our organization is our philanthropy and we all share ideas on fundraising and general practice to help us achieve our goals. Combining the strengths and interests of several practitioners can enhance the satisfaction and productivity of individual group members, and the group as a whole.

Ainad – East St. Louis, IL

Aladdin – Columbus, OH

Al Koran – Cleveland, OH

Ansar – Springfield, IL

Antioch – Dayton, OH

Elf Kurafeh – Saginaw, MI

Hadi – Evansville, IN

Medinah – Addison, IL

Mizpah – Fort Wayne, IN

Mocha – London, ONT

Mohammed – Peoria, IL

Moslem – Detroit, MI

Murat – Indianapolis, IN

Orak – Hammond, IN

Saladin – Grand Rapids, MI

Syrian – Cincinnati, OH

Tadmor – Akron, OH

Tebala – Rockford, IL

Tripoli – Milwaukee, WI

Zenobia – Toledo, OH

Zorah – Terre Haute, IN