Dramatic Corps Unit

The Dramatic Corps puts on the First Section of Shrine Ceremonials. We have beautiful costumes and scenery and we are very proficient in the work we perform.

If you are impressed with the costumes and acting in the First Section of Shrine Cere- monials, enjoy acting, want to learn theatrics, or further others Masonic knowledge, or your Masonic knowledge and skills, the Dramatic Corps is the Unit for you.

Membership in the Dramatic Corps is available to any member of Moslem Shrine Tem- ple that is in good standing and has a love or an interest in performing or learning theatrics. It is not necessary that you have previous theatrics experience; our officers will train you to be a proficient actor. The Dramatic Corps is one of three units at the Moslem Shrine Temple that a Shriner can join and still belong to another unit.

Approximate Cost
There is no initiation fee to join our Corps and no annual dues. Costumes are provided for all events.

Probationary Period
There is no one year probationary period.

Our Corps meets regularly starting one month prior to all Moslem Shrine Ceremonials to rehearse the First Section of the Shrine Ceremonial.

Our Corps has great camaraderie in the rank and we socialize regularly after rehearsals. We do not participate in any parades.

How to Join
Contact Reception at the Shrine office for more information. Call 248-569-2900 or email reception@detroitshriners.com.