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2023 Divan

The Shriners Divan is a “Board of Directors" or “Executive Council" of our organization. It serves as the management team for both the fraternal and business activities of our temple.

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November 4th
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December 2nd
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December 16th
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February 10th
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March 9th
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Living Life To Its Fullest

Being a Shriner has helped so many men and their families live a fuller life through philanthropy, fellowship, and fraternity. Shriners maintain a high level of credibility and integrity in every aspect of their life. Nobody is perfect. Shriners are not perfect. We're simply individuals wanting to be part of something bigger than ourselves. We're inviting you to learn more. Find out if being a Shriner is right for you.

Making Great Things Happen

The Shrine Circus. The Sportsman's Raffle. There are endless opportunities to be a part of making great things happen in our community. The fund raising efforts support the benevolent actions of our fraternity.

Clubs & Units

It's more than clowns. It's numerous clubs and units that cover a wide variety of interests. Shriners make it easy for every member to find a perfect fit for any individual.

Service, Family, and Community

Detroit Moslem Shriners are a group steeped rich in tradition, but have a mission that is thoroughly current and topical – strong family and helping children. We are a brotherhood, with a family component. Our fraternity of professionals, retirees, and men of all walks of life are committed to the same goal, that of service, family and community. We have a list of groups and units that all participate in many independent and group events to appeal to all interests.

The common thread of philanthropy resonates through our fraternity, with our underlying goal of supporting Shriner’s Hospitals for Children. Our hospitals provide advanced care for children with orthopedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, and cleft lip and palate. Our hospitals along with our activities are supported through the donations of our membership and the community.

Step inside and discover the brotherhood of the Detroit Moslem Shriners…

In The News

Nobles All
3 members of Moslem Shrine Temple were included in the 30 Veterans going to the World War ll Memorial in New Orleans. Our 3 Veterans who served in WWll were Robert Haffner, Marvin Mangrum and Ardys Bennett. Harold Lanning was scheduled to go but had to cancel because of injury.

It was a beautiful ceremony and our Moslem Shrine Temple Highlanders Band led by Director Scott Clark led the way.

There were Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and about 20 Lady "Rosie the Riveters" also attended.



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