Upcoming Events

69th Annual Fall Ceremonial Session
September 19th – 23rd

Hosted in Grand Rapids by the Saladin Temple.
For more information call 248.569.2900 Ext. 3

Ladies Fall Luncheon
Saturday, October 6th

Featuring entertainment by The WhatAbouts
For tickets call Kayla 248.569.2900 Ext. 3

Fall Meat Raffle
Sunday, October 14th

It’s back!  Your favorite “Meat” event is gearing up to be another winner!

Only $20 per Calendar

$10,980.00 in Cash Prizes
Grand Prize $2500 (12-21-2018)

You CAN win more than once!
No limits on members buying calendars.
325 Chances of Winning – Give it a shot!

We have a package for you!

“Swine for Our Shrine” Fundraiser


Proceeds to benefit Shriners Hospitals for Children “Child Life Departments”
Chicago IL / Cincinnati OH / Erie PA

Moslem Shriners of Southfield, Michigan are striving to improve children’s lives. The Child Life Program is relatively new for our patients. We recognize that along with treating the child’s physical issues, many of our children and their families need help coping with the many changes that come with healing. We want our children to be both confident and independent. We are proud to announce our own fundraiser to help the Child Life Program succeed.

Beginning in January and ending in December of 2018, we are selling $10 piggy banks complete with the Shriner Hospital logo.

To purchase your piggy bank, call Kayla: 248.569.2900 x3

Detroit Moslem Shriners are a group steeped rich in tradition, but have a mission that is thoroughly current and topical – strong family and helping children. We are a brotherhood, with a family component. Our fraternity of professionals, retirees, and men of all walks of life are committed to the same goal, that of service, family and community. We have a list of groups and units that all participate in many independent and group events to appeal to all interests.
The common thread of philanthropy resonates through our fraternity, with our underlying goal of supporting Shriner’s Hospitals for Children. Our hospitals provide advanced care for children with orthopedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, and cleft lip and palate. Our hospitals along with our activities are supported through the donations of our membership and the community.

Step inside and discover the brotherhood of the Detroit Moslem Shriners…