Ray Moore – Potentate 2020

I am honored to have been elected to serve as Potentate for Moslem Shrine for 2020.  We all certainly have our challenge before us in working to increase our membership and continue our work for the Shriners Hospitals for Children. First Lady Beth and I hope that each of you and your families get involved this year.  We can all have fun and create a lot of great memories by working together for the same cause.

Our logo is in the shape of a Blue Light or Fez. The emblem represents the three pillars we need to place our focus:  supporting Shriners Hospitals, our Masonic Principals, and working on improving Moslem Shrine.  I am going to work with the Membership Committee to have friendship nights scheduled throughout the year. Our Membership Chairman Rick Gaines and his committee have done a wonderful job.  Our members who’ve brought in prospects are to be commended for their commitment to the longevity of our organization.  I thank you all.

The First Lady and I feel that we have put together a fun and exciting year for the Nobility and for our Ladies. I am here to serve and represent the Nobility of Moslem Shrine Temple and if you have any concerns, suggestions, or opinions, my office will always be open to you.

My Prayers and Thoughts are for all good things for the Moslem Shrine Temple and for our Families.

Mike Zelmanski

Rabban; 1st Vice President

Tim Lancaster

Assistant Rabban; 2nd Vice President

Frank “Chum” Dougherty

High Priest and Prophet; Board Member

Larry Seyuin

Oriental Guide; Board Member

Keith “Casey” Jones


Bob Pate


Robert Scott