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Welcome to our private forum for discussion of topics concerning members of the Detroit Moslem Shrine Center.

Shriners Detroit Now membership is available to members of Moslem Shrine only, and is provided completely FREE OF CHARGE. Shriners Detroit Now was founded on March 8, 2015 as a continuance of the Shriners-Detroit TalkNet in remembrance of the late Noble Ed Rorick, who founded the original Shriners-Detroit TalkNet. That group operated for fifteen consecutive years until Eddie’s passing in 2014.

Originally called the Moslem-TalkNet, Shriners Detroit Now continues to give our Nobility the opportunity to remain active and informed, all from the comfort of their easy chair and in “real time” Shrine communication.

Get the latest news, views, events, and commentary, on what’s going on at Moslem. As a Shriners Detroit Now group member, you will continue to stay “in the loop” with your brotherhood.

Steps to Join Shriners Detroit Now

Type in browser: yahoogroups
   You might get a google search page: select under yahoo groups then the search screen will appear.
Type: Shriners-Detroit-Now
   If you do not have an Yahoo e-Mail account, you must enter one now.
• At the lower right corner there should be a button stating: JOIN GROUP
• At the bottom, a box allows you to input information: Type Name and Shrine Membership number along with Lodge Name and number

You will receive an e-Mail when membership has been accepted. Please allow 3 working days for Masonic credentials check, and membership approval.

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