Swine for our Shrine Fundraiser


Proceeds benefit Shriners Hospitals for Children “Child Life Departments” Chicago IL / Cincinnati OH / Erie PA

The Detroit Moslem Shriners of Southfield, Michigan are striving to improve children’s lives. The Child Life Program is relatively new for our patients. We recognize that along with treating the child’s physical issues, many of our children and their families need help coping with the many changes that come with healing. We want our children to be both confident and independent. We are proud to announce our own fundraiser to help the Child Life Program succeed. Beginning in January and ending in December of 2018, we are selling $10 piggy banks complete with the Shriner Hospital logo.
UPDATE:  We have sold out of all piggy banks!  Yes, we are thrilled but now, we want to continue raising more money to help more of our Shriner kids.  We are doing raffles and mystery boxes at all Detroit Shriner events.  At the next event, the Fall Meat Raffle, we’re raffling a mystery box that is valued at $260.00 retail. Purchase 6 tickets for $5 during the event.

Thank You Sponsors!

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It takes a generous community and many labored hours of fundraising in order to fund each Shrine child’s healthcare. These Swine for Our Shrine sponsors have stepped up to the plate and made a difference. The sponsorship dollars are distributed to the three hospitals serviced by our Moslem Shrine transportation team. The hospitals, located in Chicago, Erie, and Cincinnati, care for our local Shrine patients. Each of our families are given free transportation and ground breaking, cutting – edge, medical care.