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Being of Service

Serving mankind through the resources of our philanthropy, Shriners Hospitals for Children® and community involvement are at the core of our commitment as Shriners.  We are well-versed in the capabilities of Shriners Hospitals for Children® and therefore, we are eager to assist when a child needs medical help.  We arrange for children to be seen by Shriners Hospitals for Children® doctors, we transport them in our Childcare Sprinters (vans), we take care of meals for the children and their families and we safely deposit them back home.  All at no cost to the family.

There are many ways we, as a fraternal organization, go out into the world and make a difference for the better.  Some are big and some are small but ALL make a difference in someone's life and for that, we are grateful.  This page is dedicated to highlighting ways we try to improve life in the Metro Detroit community.  Whether it's an afternoon in a soup kitchen, a helping hand in repairing a house or mentoring a young person who otherwise would not have proper adult guidance - we are there to have an impact on those around us.

Detroit Shriners assist teen who lost leg helping freeway crash victims (Pt. 1) 

Watch Part 1 of the story of how the Detroit Shriners are coming to the aid of Sean English, a good samaritan who was seriously injured while coming to the aid of other teens. 

Good news as Sean English finds
his groove (Pt. 2)

Watch Part 2 of Sean's journey to
Shriner's Hospital for Children® in Chicago.   The first visit  opened a whole new  world to  the young athlete.

Sean is getting back on his feet (Pt. 3) 

Watch Part 3 as Sean English tries out his new prosthetic leg. 

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