Units Arabian Horse Troop


The Moslem Shrine Arabian Horse Troop Unit is the elite of the elite. In the horse world the Gray Arabian is considered the ultimate all around horse. We represent the only all Arabian Horse Troop in the United States. We also pride ourselves on being the only Shrine horse unit doing the famous full troop charges in parades. Our dress varies from a sparkling Arabian robe to formal tuxedoes.

Membership in the Arabian Horse Troop Unit is available to any member of Moslem Temple that is in good standing, has a love of horses, and the ability to follow directions. You do not need to buy an Arab horse if you already own a horse of a different breed.

Approximate Cost
There is no initiation fee to join our Unit or annual dues. The cost of a horse varies substantially. Please contact our Unit Director for advice on expenses related to purchasing and owning a horse.

Probationary Period
There is no one year probationary period.

Our Units meets on horse back only when needed.

During the spring, summer, and fall months, we participate in parades at various
Michigan cities.

How to Join
Contact Unit Director Bob Jewell by telephone at 586-749-9510.