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2017 Leadership

First and foremost I would like to thank the Nobility for electing me as your Potentate for 2017. How quickly the time has gone since I was first elected Oriental Guide is proof that time flies as you get older.

For the past four years I have reflected on what I want my term as Potentate to be about. It can’t be about Planes, Trains or Automobiles, those have already been taken, so I thought why not have it all about us, the Nobility, and what we are about. When you see the logo for 2017 it is to remind us of when we were established as a Temple in June, 1880. The words you see on the Sword (“Robur et Furor”) are the ancient Latin words meaning Strength and Fury. The Strength of the Fraternity as one and the Passion, “Fury” in all of us.

As I think of my own journey to become a Master Mason and Shriner I remember my obligations I have learned along the way. Grand Master Hiram Abif of Masonry and Dr. Fleming founder of the Mystic Shrine originally had thoughts that the fraternity be designed around Humble men having fun and caring about each other as brothers. But we so much more...

The following passage from the Book Parade to Glory says it all: “Shriner’s, play Moslems and infidels with reverent minds and merry hearts. Indeed! But Shriners are more than little boys grown tall. With all their fun, they have not forgotten charity. With all the splendor of their parades, they do not and cannot forget first of all they are Master Masons with all the Humility they are taught by the craft."  

Let’s us all never forget our Obligation.

Yours In The Faith,
Arthur J. Brdak, Potentate

Bob O'Brien photo

Bob O'Brien

Chief Rabban; 1st Vice President
Jeff Geske photo

Jeff Geske

Assistant Rabban; 2nd Vice President
Ray Moore photo

Ray Moore

High Priest and Prophet; Board Member

Kenric Knecht

Oriental Guide; Board Member
Dr. Fred Jex photo

Dr. Fred Jex

Bob Pate photo

Bob Pate

Reverend Bob Scott photo

Reverend Bob Scott


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