Cash Calendars Raffle



The Detroit Shriners' 2017 edition of the Cash Calendar has loads of photos featuring our Units, Shrine Clubs, and more. It also includes your chance to win a $20.00 weekday cash prize, a $40.00 weekly cash prize, and a $100.00 monthly cash prize! Now here’s the best reason of all to purchase one of our Cash Calendars — In December we will draw the winner of the $2,500.00 Grand Prize. Winning numbers remain in the draw, so you could possibly win multiple times with the same Calendar number! Our Cash Calendars make the perfect Christmas gift, or birthday present.

They’re perfect for that office cubicle, college dorm room, household bulletin board, work room or garage. We hope YOU are our Grand Prize winner!

For calendars, contact Katie at the Detroit Shriners office: or 248.569.2900


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